2018 Toyota Warrior Namibia - Windhoek

Warrior is going International in 2018, come join us at our first Warrior race in Namibia. It’ll be a one day event with all the usual Warrior aspects you came to expect such as the Sprint Race (Sponsored by Toyota), Black Ops Elite, Commando Elite, Rookie Elite for the serious athletes and the regular Black-Ops, Commando and Rookie distances for the fun loving crowd

Event options

Available Options Distance Solo Entry Fee Entry Fee per Team Member
10km Black-Ops Elite with 20 Obstacles (ELITE ONLY) 10 km R550 -
10km Commando Elite with 20 Obstacles (ELITE ONLY) 10 km R470 -
10km Commando with 20 Obstacles 10 km R470 R470
5km Rookie Elite with 15 Obstacles (ELITE ONLY) 10 km R400 -
5km Rookie with 15 Obstacles 5 km R400 R400

Event Information

Venue: Midgard Country Estate - Info
AccommodationBook here
Directions: Google Maps

Cash Facilities: No, bring Cash
Parking: Secure and safe parking
Spectator entry fee: R30 (kids under 3 years of age don’t pay an entrance fee)
Race Day Registration: Register at least 1.5 hrs before the start of your batch.


-10km Black-Ops Elite with 20 Obstacles (Black-Ops Elite will run on the same course as the Commandos, but hey will be  timed differently and same as Commando and Rookie Elite Compulsory Obstacle Completion will apply. Prize Money for  Black-Ops Elite will be the same as in the South Africa Warrior Race Series - View Prize money)
-10km Commando with 20 Obstacles
-10km Commando Elite with 20 Obstacles
-5km Rookie Elite with 15 Obstacles
-5km Rookie with 15 Obstacles


Sprint Race:

Saturday: Individual and Team Race



You can choose your batch and start time for this event
- Make sure you know in which batch you start and at what time
- There will be a sign at the entrance to the start showing which is the next batch and at what time it starts
- Please don't start in the wrong batch - you will be disqualified

Event Facilities info:
Toyota Chill Area: 
- Look out for the Toyota Umbrellas & Gazebos between the start & finish area
- Great vibe, lots of shade, seating
- Free massages

Reebok Warrior Gear: 
- Namibia Specific Warrior T-Shirts
- OCR Specific and other casual gear
- Large range of Reebok Warrior Gear and Reebok Shoes
- Warrior finisher shirt collection point

Locker Zone:
- Dedicated area where you can store your valuables
- R30 per package, can be watch, mobile phone, backpack, wallet....

Beer Tent
- Large open bar
- Open from early

Spectator Route
- Look out for the Orange arrows - that is specifically for the spectator route

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Organiser: The Warrior Company

Event Name: 2018 Toyota Warrior Namibia - Windhoek

Event Type: Obstacle Races

Date: Sat 24 Mar 2018

Province: Namibia