Intelligent online ticketing portal

Our intelligent, all-encompassing online entry and payment portal, engineered by a great team over the past few years has brought this system to a point where it is effective, user friendly and gives the organiser accurate reporting and statistics of an event. This system makes it a no brainer for both the user and the organizer. In this way, we breed familiarity which then becomes an effortless experience for all using the entire platform. In addition, we have the best security measures in place and a strict privacy policy to keep your personal data and information safe.

Timing chips / boards

We offer wristbands and number boards with integrated technology to scan a participant at registration (tap and go), start and the finish line. This way we generate accurate results and can keep track of participants still racing vs those who have finished.

SPOT GPS tracking devices off grid tracking

This is truly the best method of live tracking of your event or for personal use. These units track in real time and have a battery life of up to 6 months depending on the tracking interval. For more information feel free to speak to us.

Gen3 Unit:

R2500.00 (excl data)

Trace Unit:


Data plan costs: